Professionals may want to consult on:

* Cases
*Training Opportunities
*Webinar presentations


Individuals or couples may want to consult on:

*Am I ready to adopt?
*What kind of adoption do I wish to pursue?
*How do I get started?
*Parenting children who have been traumatized.
*Seven core issues in adoption.
*Adopting a child from the foster care system.
*Parenting trans-racially.
*Single parenting.
*Gay families adopting.
*A need for a referral for a therapist, book suggestions,
and connections to national organizations.
*All aspects of open adoptions: getting started; confronting fears; why do it; problems that may arise; present problems in an open adoption relationship.
*How to talk to children about adoption at different stages of their development.
*How to prepare children in the family for an adoption.
*Search and reunion questions and resources.
*Treatment facilities for children; a big decision for families. Know what to look for and ask.


After fifty years in the field of foster care and adoption, there is nothing that will shock or surprise her — So ask away!!


References can be provided as needed.