Sharon Roszia M.S. 

  • Search and reunion are two different processes.  Some individuals need to find their “puzzle pieces” and are driven to explore, others are not. This desire has very little to do with whether the adoption was “good or bad.” Search is about looking for information; reunion is about building a relationship. The computer age has made these processes much easier and less controllable.  There is so much to consider before and after these processes unfold and a good professional guide or a support group can be a necessity. 
  • Birthfathers count; they have contributed half our genetic material. They have often been seen as a nuisance and sometimes, woman are reluctant to name them. This is unfortunate. For us all, knowing our full genetic history can even be a life saver!  Many male adopted persons really feel cheated when they don’t have their male side of the family information. 
  • All kinds of siblings are important. Many people search for siblings even before a birth mother or father. They can be full siblings, half, step or foster, but they have meaning in our lives and serve different purposes. 
  • Trauma changes us and many of our children suffered from trauma through abuse, neglect and several moves and so they take a special kind of commitment, forgiveness, different types of parenting skills and specially trained adoption specialists. The field of attachment and trauma has grown through research and training. It is an absolute for a therapist’s tool kit today.
  • Adoption is more like a marriage than biological parenting in that we are not genetically connected and our children also come attached to other families and a different gene pool. Accepting this difference is paramount in building a healthy adoptive family.

Sharon is available for consultations by SKYPE and in person. She teaches classes, consults with agencies, runs support groups and a professional mentoring group. She resides in Southern California.  For more information, please visit her website 

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